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Spring means cleaning

Saturday, March 6, 2010 Leave a Comment

In my house, that means organizing. My husband prides himself on it. We used to live in a loft, which meant we simply couldn't accumulate too much stuff. But that was before kids, and somehow, now that we're in a much, much bigger space, we seem to have expanded to fit the new house. I can't believe all the stuff we have.

Here's three woman-owned Stapleton businesses you should know about this spring:

** Feng Shui for the Om ** Tanya's a certified Feng Shui consultant who can help you get the energy in your home working in harmony with your life. Your home, after all, is a reflection of your thoughts and desires. For example, my home is a direct reflection of sleep deprivation. Oh, how I want just one night of uninterrupted sleep. But I digress...

** Simply Put ** If you can't manage to face the overstuffed closet alone, give Stapleton resident Meighan Meeker a call. She'll come meet with you, for free, and help assess your needs. Then she'll give you a quote for her organizing, sorting, purging, shelving and storage services. This is a woman who can save your marriage. Just read what her clients have to say about it.

** Diane Gordon Design ** If you're really serious about expanding your space, finishing your basement, upgrading your kitchen, or anything else, talk to Diane Gordon. You've probably seen her pretty little signs in front of one of the 100 or so houses in the neighborhood that she's worked on. She's designed 75 basements, and each one is a custom design (even in the same model of house) based on your needs. Her own home was featured on HGTV's Bang for Your Buck last month.

Give these ladies a call, tell them Stapleton Moms sent you!

So what do you do for spring cleaning?