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The overwhelming time of year

Saturday, February 13, 2010 Leave a Comment

I'm finally coming up for air.

We've had a rough 3 weeks, starting with a snotty, coughy, feverish, sick 3 year old, who passed it on to the rest of us, sleepless nights with all of us coughing, strep throat cultures (negative), husband travelling, staying home from preschool.

Discovering the dog has been eating her own poo, which means she's either malnourished or bored (once the snow melted, I expected to find a disaster area, but our backyard is picked CLEAN, they must be like little frozen popsicle treats to her). Most likely bored.

Mount Laundry piled up to insurmountable heights.

Then the baby got sick with RSV, one scary night that almost resulted in a midnight trip to the ER, two infected ears, pink antibiotics that end up all over him and me every time I try to administer them, and most importantly, some serious cabin fever and isolation.

Oh yes, and the baby started crawling, and his 3 goals in life are (1) to splash in the dog's water bowl, (2) to get hold of the TV remote, and (3) to immerse his arms in the toilet. So he can't be left alone for even one second.

Oh, and also, my second round of post-partum thyroiditis, or rollercoaster thyroid, has been upgraded to Hashimoto's disease, in which my immune system is attacking my thyroid. Great.

Oh, and then trying to work means on the weekends I dump the kids on my husband and head up to my office to do as much as possible. It just doesn't seem fair to our marriage, but sometimes it's divide and conquer. My husband is understanding, but too many weekends seem to slip by this way.

So I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself.

And I know it's cliche to say that misery loves company, but while checking up on blogger friends, I see they've had similar weeks. Maybe worse (sorry, Eat Play Love, I feel for you.) And they struggle with trying to work and be a mom and a good wife, too.

It's that sick time of year. How have you been faring?


  • angie said:  

    Thank you for linking to my post at Hybrid Mom! I agree, this is a tough time of year. I think this season drains my energy. Glad to know I have some company. :)

  • EatPlayLove said:  

    Gosh the universe owes us both, big time doesn't it? I'm desperately fighting depression, not answering phone calls, and am just not so fun to be around.

    I know it's got to be a better week. I'm really happy February is almost over.

    Big smiles to you!

  • Mama Freemans' cafe' said:  

    Howdy, I remember those days! One kid gets sick then everyone takes a turn, how does any one work outside the home? My winter has been a very isolating time. This winter we have had more snow than any winter for many years. my country road is one lane at best and drifts easily so i stay home a lot. I take dinner to my dad twice a week and i really enjoy those days.Its hard to get motivated when the days seem to go on the same. But it is lighter longer so there is hope.Take care.