What were you doing 10 years ago?

Friday, January 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade!

Ten years ago, I was living in the sunny Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. The Telegraph Hill parrots -- or maybe an offshoot of that flock -- had migrated south for a few weeks, and took up residence in my backyard. Every morning I woke up to a cacophany of twittering bird calls and colorful parrots in our trees, pestering the raccoons who dug through our trash and driving my cat mad. I was buying various kinds of chiles weekly from the market down the street and trying to make the Colorado style green chile that I missed. I was writing for the website SFGirl and worked at a little ad agency with offices right above The Irish Bank. Every couple of weeks, the bar would fill up by noon and we knew: another dot-com was laying off its employees.

What were you doing?


  • Anonymous said:  

    Ten years ago I had just moved to Denver. It was the Y2K scare, taking the 6:00 a.m. drive up into the Mountains to ski every weekend, the Broncos were in the playoffs and the Avs v Red Wings games was the talk of the town.

  • The Bee Keeper said:  

    We must have passed each other at some point - I worked for Stockpoint (Investor's Edge/ScreamingMedia) that used to office above the Irish Bank, too! When I started working for them in 1999 they had moved to Sansome. In 1999 I was living in Pacific Heights, taking the California bus to the financial district, spending weekends in the Napa Valley, and catching Vinyl shows at the Elbo Room and anywhere else they would play. That seems like forever ago.

  • Unknown said:  

    Ah, I miss San Francisco! Did you take the cable car to work sometimes? Something about the open air ride always made me happy.