A runaway freight train

Monday, January 11, 2010 Leave a Comment

Simon Cowell leaving American Idol? Sarah Palin a news correspondent on Fox News?

Jay Leno's show that I never saw got cancelled?

The Real Housewives of OC just started a new season and already a marathon on Bravo started at 3:00 today?

Where have I been the last few weeks? Since I was last at The Huffington Post, the site itself has somehow come to life and is displaying things my Twitter friends have read, and what they said on Facebook. Did my iPhone somehow do this?

Since I had kids, there is just never enough time. More infuriatingly, time keeps speeding up, faster and faster and I can't keep up.

Turns out, this Mayan calendar may be the explanation for it all.

The Maya, who thought of time as cyclical, anticipated the phenomena of time acceleration in their complex astronomical and mathematical systems. Since 1960, the world has undergone more change than in the past several thousand years. Change, invention, connection, is accelerating. If it feels as if time is speeding up, the Mayans believe it actually is.

Ah, what a relief to know I'm not crazy.