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Please don't stampede

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 Leave a Comment

You should take your kids to the Stock Show Parade at least once. The sight of these Texas Longhorns meandering through downtown Denver is a sight to behold. Even the rowdiest kids fall silent when these boys pass by, like they understand the unspoken law to not spook the steers. Add in the tractors, horses, firetrucks, rodeo queens, and poop -- lots of poop -- and it's every kid's dream.

Especially if it's a warm, sunny day like today was.

Watch from the Skyline Park on 17th and Arapahoe. Valet your car at the Westin for just $7 an hour. They'll even help you unload the stroller.

And: I shot the video, uploaded it, and blogged, all from my iPhone. I love this thing.


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    Loved the parade. Makes me love Denver even more.