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A mom's starter kit of iPhone apps

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Leave a Comment

I've had my iPhone for a month now. I love love love it. But I'm new to the whole Apps thing. I've only got a few. I use them a ton. I'm sure there is a whole universe of creativity out there to be explored, but for now, he's my starter-kit suggestions.

1. Flickr app -- so I can send pictures & movies right from my phone to my Flickr account, and from there, right to this blog. Like this one of my boy wearing his Broncos uniform to Stapleton All Sports class.

2. Facebook app. I used to wonder how people had so much time to be on Facebook, all the time. Now I know. They're using their phones to send updates.

3. Twitter app by Echofon. Ditto. I am addicted to Twitter, thanks to Echofon.

4. Urbanspoon. This is the app that helps you find a restaurant near you, when you just can't decide. You just shake it, and just like a slot machine, the location, cuisine and restaurant mix up to produce a new result. I keep shaking my phone, though, which makes me feel like an idiot.

5. Baby Sign. First of all, it makes me laugh. Who doesn't want to say "angry alligator" in sign language? Second, it's practical. My 10 month old think I'm hysterical asking him if he wants "more food." Of course I do, Mom!

6. Moron Test. Of course, you have to have one game. Good for waiting in line at the grocery store. Don't try to do this one quickly.

7. Pediatric Symptom MD. For all of you internet hypochondriacs like me, a whole new world of symptoms to explore. Within a half hour of installing this, I had my 3 year old at the pediatrician's to get a strep test. It came back negative, and his high fever turned out to be only 99, but you can never be too safe.

So what suggestions do you have for me? Why doesn't Barefoot Contessa have an app yet?


  • Elizabeth Johnson said:  

    A few I can't live without:

    -Epicurious - very searchable by ingredient and it automatically creates a shopping list for you. Big Oven is another good one.
    -Tip Calculator
    -My Paint Free - my son loves to "draw" on this app which comes in handy in long grocery store lines
    -ICDL (International Digital Children's Library) For same reason as above. Free children's books Like Waldo at the Zoo

  • Anonymous said:  

    other fun ones for the kids.... - sorry don't know the names off the top of my head - one that turns the phone into piano keys, another into a light saber, same sound effects as in the movie (although i guess be careful - it takes swinging it around to make it happen & who wants to see it fly across the room if they let go), fishing (you make the motion of casting the rod, puzzles ones where you match the shapes to complete the puzzles, phonics with curious george. i can find the names if they are of interest - don't have the phone in front of me right now. my kids love the books too!

  • Anonymous said:  

    bubble wrap
    shape builder

  • Anonymous said:  

    you need the free DoodleBuddy app for your iPhone for the kiddos. My 2yo will sit with it for like 20-30 minutes, it's really awesome (and I feel like it is still at least a little bit creative, you know?)