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New construction in Eastbridge

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 Leave a Comment

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We went to the stock show parade and came home to find a huge hole in the field on MLK & Geneva Court. You know, near where the second Town Center was supposed to go. I wonder what's going in there?

No school, no town center, what next? With our luck, it will be HUD housing.

I'll be starting a group about it posthaste.

Oh, I kid.

It's going to be townhomes, built by New Town Builders, just like the townhomes that have been selling like hotcakes at 29th & Havana.

There will be a 5-unit building, and 3-unit buildings, on that block and the block just west of Geneva Streeet. I visited the model on Havana, she said the units will be market price, and one unit in each building will be income-qualified.


  • Clint said:  

    Not much info available on this but according to old documentation this plot is not income controlled. New Town calls these East Bridge Row Homes while the income controlled are called 29th Dr Row Homes (29th and Havana)...I don't expect this to be a similar product. Especially since Forest City's overall land use maps do not show this plot as income controlled

  • Clint said:  

    Oh yeah...If I had a 600,000+ Infiniti/Parkwood home over there I wouldn't be annoyed with the East Bridge Row Home project where they are digging and the lot to the west they are projected to develop, I'd be annoyed with this plot going in between 29th Dr Rows and the East Bridge Rows...http://www.vmwp.com/projects/eastbridge-apartments.php

  • Unknown said:  

    I wrote that post a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we all bought our homes knowing that apartments and condos would be our neighbors. Along with the retail, which will come in time. If we wanted to live in a suburb, we could have chosen Highlands Ranch, right? But we chose urban living -- which means apartments and condos mixed in. It will all be good. (Sometimes humor just doesn't come through like you intend it to.)

  • Clint said:  

    Totally understand with the missing tongue and cheek intent. And exclusive neighborhoods have their downsides as well including isolation issues. Unfortunately, the real estate market has slowed, and projects by Infinity like the MODA lofts were not successful. 2 years ago those lots were owned by Infinity and were slated for much higher end, lower density loft and row homes referenced as something like SKY LOFTS or SKY TERRACE. The density of the apartment plot and the added noise and traffic is why I would not want to live behind it. I think I can speak for the whole neighborhood when I say we are anxiously waiting a grocery store and preferably a natural grocer.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Clint, the owners of the $600,000 homes in Eastbridge are still likely way ahead of the owners of the soon to be almost worthless homes in filing 2 next to the MM Dispensary.