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Taking care of kids at the Cafe of Life

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Leave a Comment

This is Dr. Allie at the Cafe of Life.

I've mentioned before how kid-friendly they are. While I get adjusted, the boys play.

And sometimes, Dr. Allie gives the boys adjustments. Like yesterday, I had just come from the pediatrician and my 10-month old has RSV. Lots of snot, lots of coughing, and a scary night with a fever and some very rapid breathing. I was prepared for an even worse night.

Dr. Allie gave him an adjustment -- for a kid or baby, that means a very gentle massage in just the right places. And we had the first good night's sleep all week.

It's kind of amazing -- kid's bodies are so responsive to slight adjustments, and their immune systems get right to work. Kind of gives me new faith in my own body's ability to keep me in balance.