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You'll shoot your eye out

Thursday, December 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

Why does my 3 year old want a gun for Christmas?

We went to see Santa at Outdoor World last night. It was great. No lines, a tent set up to have snowball fights with these soft plush snowballs, a track set up for the kids to race remote control cars, and a shooting range. For the kids. Rifles where you shoot turkeys, rabbits and coyotes.

When Santa asked him what he wanted, he fell totally silent. "Mom?" he asked me.

"Hot wheels," I reminded him.

"Hot wheels, and a motorcycle, and a gun," he said.


We watch PBS at our house. He hasn't even been exposed to kid TV with commercials, other than Rudolph and Charlie Brown's Christmas on network TV. (Thanks to those shows, he wants "Uno-Moono" -- a version of Uno with farm animals.) Where has he even seen a gun? Is it just in little boy's DNA?