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Sunday, March 2, 2014 Leave a Comment

Welcome to the new Stapletonmoms.com! The redesigned site is a grand collaboration between myself (Jaime Travis) and Liz Easterly (special thanks to Katie Osborne of The Roaring Artist for our amazing new logo).  We are both Stapleton Moms who love our neighborhood, and who want to create an inclusive, super cool site where all residents can visit to learn about what is happening in our neck of the woods.  For the past 7 years or so, Liz has owned and published stapletonmoms.com which has been an invaluable resource for our community.  During that same time, I have been the moderator of the Stapleton Moms Yahoo group.  Over the past year or so, Liz and I have talked about merging the two groups and creating a true community virtual meeting spot.  We are so happy to say that we have finally pulled it off and are so thrilled with the possibilities.

We both feel lucky to live in a pretty amazing community -- and are ever hopeful that the site will continue to be the vibrant, informative place it has always been.  All of Liz's posts from the past 7 years will remain on the site, so feel free to explore.

Going forward I will be the overseer of all things Stapleton Moms and Liz, and some other intrepid residents, will provide original, insightful, funny posts to keep things interesting.  A special thanks to all of our wonderful neighborhood sponsors who pledged to support our site...a big thank you!

If you have a story, or an idea, or a comment, please let me know. Hearing from you is what makes this all worth it.



  • Unknown said:  

    Dear Stapleton Moms -- Opportunity is knocking at YOUR door! High school exchange students from about 15 countries hope for host homes in the academic year ahead. Now's your chance to bring the world home by opening doors and hearts to teens from around the globe. Hosts get to make new friends and do a bit of personal "public diplomacy," while learning first-hand about different people and cultures. If you or others you know are curious about this idea, explore www.edutrav.org, and let me know! I'm helping to guide such matches on behalf of Education, Travel & Culture, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing international understanding and goodwill. Inquiries: Elaine Lee, ELdenverETC@gmail.com

  • Anonymous said:  

    i think we should make a top ten list for kids to watch out for like those kids and teens that always ride on the rubber at central park with there bikes and the others that do those jumps at town center and swerve in and out of traffic. i alredy have the names of 5 that we need to make a list of the top ten almost like a top ten most wanted list

  • Anonymous said:  

    I am currently an Intern at World Denver, a non-profit organization. We currently have a filing cabinet and desk that we no longer need in our new office. Anyone interested may contact me at mackenzie@worlddenver.org. We are not selling these items, just looking for someone to pick them up. World Denver is currently located at 3607 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


  • Anonymous said:  

    My son just told me he was gay and I’m so sad that I can’t be a grandma