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Coach Gabe

Sunday, December 13, 2009 Leave a Comment

This is Coach Gabe of Stapleton All Sports.

He's leading the 2 and 3 year olds in some drills on the field. They all adore Coach Gabe. They do their best to follow his instructions. Jumping jacks are particularly hilarious.

So are pushups. I guess any activity requiring coordination is funny when you're 3.

This is how my boy dresses himself to go to class.

Stapleton All Sports is made for kids from age 4 to 10 -- the younger classes just started. They focus on different sports in each season: basketball and wrestling in the winter; baseball and T-ball in the spring; soccer, football, baseball and tennis in the summer. He'll be running summer camps too.

We hijacked Coach Gabe on a walk one morning and interviewed him. I love stories like Coach Gabe's: he started this business after he got laid off from his boring financial desk job and woke up thinking he just couldn't go back to that. So I was ready to write about how he has this coaching background so he can teach your kids correctly, and how his program is designed to give all kids -- not just the ones who are naturally good at sports, or who happen to be the oldest ones in their grade -- the confidence and skills to play any and all sports, but you know, the pictures kind of tell it all.


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    My daughter LOVES Coach Gabe. She yells out the window at him when he's walking down the street (nevermind yelling hello to his wife or dog).

    It's great to see him make them so confident in their abilities. Parker really thrived in his class!

    Go Stapleton All Sports!