The Thanksgiving scourge

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Leave a Comment

I have big plans in the works to redesign this blog. A big facelift, new logo, new look, new features, guest bloggers, profiles of local businesses... it's going to be big.

But then, over Thanksgiving, our family was wiped out by the most virulent, contagious, ferocious stomach virus in existence.

It started out innocently enough: last Tuesday, my 3 year old threw up some pumpkin pie and went to bed. I found a stash of Halloween candy wrappers downstairs, and when he woke up fine the next morning, just chalked it up to too much sugar.

48 hours later, right after two servings of Thanksgiving dinner but before the dessert, it hit me.

By Saturday, the body count was up to 18. The friends we saw the night before Thanksgiving. Their entire families. Everyone we had Thanksgiving with: brother, cousin, uncles, cousin's boyfriend's mom. Even the dog threw up.

Everyone thought it was food poisoning: the stuffing; the barbecue for lunch the day after; the turkey ordered from Whole Foods; the leftovers served at someone else's house. It came on quickly and violently, but thankfully was gone within 24 hours.

The baby was the last to get it, and it's been two days of fever, on and off, and just wanting to be held. Lots of sitting on the couch in our PJs. Come on, Mom, you must motivate and entertain your poor, bored kids!

Oy. Someday, we will all laugh about it. For now, this reminder: for the love of God, wash your hands well.


  • Banteringblonde said:  

    OH MY! 18 people? WOWZA! I'm going to knock on wood and say that we have been rather healthy this season....

  • Anonymous said:  

    Yikes! Glad I wasn't in town to share on the fun!