Meatless Monday

Monday, December 7, 2009 Leave a Comment

It's Monday. I want to cook something vegetarian for dinner, but I'm kind of at a loss. It seems like all-veggie dishes are hard to.... flavor. And recipes with titles like "Barbequed Tofu" and "Beany Red Wine Chili" don't sound too appetizing. I mean, if I'm investing the time to make it, I want it to be delectable. Otherwise I can just get takeout from An's Lemongrass Grille (try their rice noodles with tofu dish, and add the veggie Vietnamese springroll. Yum.)

Anyone have a good veggie cookbook, or dish, to recommend?


  • Anonymous said:  

    Here's one! Spicy black bean patties. Lots of flavor. Must like spicy stuff though.

    Go get a can of black beans with added jalepeno in it... it's a particular brand, like Southwest? I think?

    Anyway, recipe:

    1 can black beans with jalepeno;
    1 c breadcrumbs
    1 egg (optional if you want to be vegan)
    1/4 c. pine nuts
    1 can tomato paste

    dry-roast the pine nuts. Set aside.
    Drain black beans, then mash with potato masher. Add breadcrumbs, egg, pine nuts, tomato paste, stir together, then form into patties. You can chill the patties for an hour, which helps them to form better, but we usually don't. Fry up patties w/ a bit of oil plus sprinkle breadcrumbs on the surfaces.

    Bonus points if you serve the patties with guacamole w/ cilantro. Yum.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Good for you! Again. I just love your blog. We are eating much more paleo lately and found the veggie dishes come so much easier. Sad how americans including myself of course are completely addicted to meat. My hubby states the motto whenever possible Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

  • Unknown said:  

    Thanks, I will try the black bean patties and report back! I love the Omnivore's Dillemma. It's made me change the way I'm feeding my family. What is paleo?