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I'm an iPhone mom

Sunday, December 20, 2009 Leave a Comment

I got the iPhone for Christmas. Can I ever express to you how much I love this gift? How it will change my life? How iPhone moms are the new soccer moms? (Thank you, honey, for letting me break our Verizon family plan.)

I picked out my phone and AT&T plan online, and made an appointment with an Apple personal shopper for 10:00 am on Saturday morning. Now I know it's Christmastime, but when the store opened at 10, there were already more people in the Apple store than there were in the rest of the mall.

I also brought in my Mac PowerBook G4. This baby is 5 years old. It's my workhorse. I use it every day. My photos are on it, my music, my videos, and my work. It was my present from my husband when we got married. We got back from our honeymoon, and it was all set up on our kitchen island, playing the wedding pictures.

Anyway, I expected them to tell me my Mac was too old, couldn't work with the new iPhones. But they didn't. They said, "You've got a great machine, you can get a couple more years out of it."

Yet another reason I love Apple.

I thought they'd at least get me to buy a bunch of upgrades, but nope, all was fine.

So I'm playing around with the iPhone. I've already got it synced with my Mac -- meaning my calendar, contacts and 4 email accounts are all pushed to my phone. I think I love this more than anything else: all 4 email accounts in one place.

I made a video, uploaded it to YouTube; got Flickr and Twitter and Facebook working. And of course, this site.

Watch out, world.


  • Elizabeth Johnson said:  

    I have, on more than one occasion, threatened to leave my husband for my iPhone. How did I live without this little gadget? It's truly the most useful, intuitive thing. And my son (at 2) has already mastered unlocking it and opening a pre-K animal sounds app I downloaded. What a different world he will grow up in.