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Hecho in Mexico, Shipped to Arizona, Sold in Colorado

Thursday, November 5, 2009 Leave a Comment

If you spend $1 on fruits or vegetables at the supermarket, 91 cents of it will go to transporting, packaging and marketing, leaving just 9 cents for the farmer.

If you shop at a farmer's market, the entire $1 will go to the farmer.

Yesterday, I was at Target and picked up some red peppers. My 3 year old loves red peppers. The first package was a styrofoam/shrink wrap package with one red and one green pepper. Grown in Florida, it said on the front. Packaged in Tempe, Arizona, it said on the back.

So I picked up the Stoplight pack of peppers -- you know, the red/yellow/green pack, grown in Mexico. It said something to the effect of: This product has been coated with a petroleum-based resin to preserve freshness.

Well, of coure, you need to preserve it when you're shipping it from Florida to Arizona to Colorado. Yikes.

Has anyone been to the new Sprouts Farmers Market in Aurora yet?