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Eastbridge residents disappointed about the third school location

Thursday, November 12, 2009 Leave a Comment

Some people might say: You got your school, in record time, if you were any other neighborhood in Denver nothing like this would have happened. It's a recession, this is what happens -- projects get cancelled, postponed, changed. Stop your griping, and be happy for what you have.


But if you bought your home in Eastbridge because the third school was supposed to be built here, and you're a little miffed that the school will now be built on the other side of Central Park (where, coincidentally, Forest City wants to sell more homes), and you're wondering what the status of that contaminated site at 26th & Iola is, you might want to check out this meeting:

When: Sunday Nov. 15, 11:30 am
Where: Stapleton Community Room at the MCA offices


  • Anonymous said:  

    I'm an eastbridger for four years now and I'll take what they'll give. I'm sure it will be as safe as our homes are...I am super worried about the Philips thing. meaning how are we absorbing boundries. Yikes!

  • Unknown said:  

    What's going on with Philips? I didn't make it to the meeting. Baby was napping. Anyone have an update?

  • Anonymous said:  

    Oh my, can I erase "take what I can get" b/c I dont think I'll be sending my 5 year old to a bldg across from busy strip mall behind a bus station. I wouldnt consider anything there to be a "neighborhood" school. Just a few block East where it would be safer would be nice! The heck with the 2 nd town center I've been waiting on, thats a dandy location. Oy. Park Hill here I come:-)

  • Unknown said:  

    I also go back and forth: any school is fine, oh--- as long as I don't have to schlep my kid over there, when I could be walking him to school at Bill Roberts.

  • Maria Lucas said:  

    philips will be closing. odyssey is moving into philips. then the boundries will be redrawn so those philips kids will either go to park hill or bill roberts/westerly/new school.

  • Anonymous said:  

    A lot of people paid lot premiums to be close to the school. They have a right to be mad. Forest City is consistently chaning things up on the residents here and people are sick of it. I used to recommend Stapleton to my friends in other parts of Denver. Not anymore....

  • Anonymous said:  

    The new site of the school is fine. There are many schools throughout the metro area that are near shopping centers. The bus station and parking lot will not be adjacent to the school -- it will be a couple blocks away. You might want to look at a map to see how everything is going to be drawn up. There will be housing surrounding the school on 2 sides, and the FBI headquarters will be adjacent. This is a K-8 school. There are a lot of schools (espcially middle schools) that are in much less ideal locations in the metro area.

    Knowing every builder in Stapleton very well, I can assure you that NOT ONE builder has ever charged more on their lot premiums because of the proximity to schools...only parks, corners, etc. That's just bogus. Every one of us that bought in Stapleton should have known that things could change - that's part of what a master planned community is ...that's not complete.

    After everything is finished in the new "Central Park West" neighborhood, this will be a good location. Eastbridge residents could likely still have a school in the future, but not in the next few years. I remember when the 3rd school wasn't even planned for EastBridge. The EastBridge location was after several other locations were ruled out, so it wasn't always a sure thing.

  • Anonymous said:  

    How is Bill Roberts in a better location? Montview is a dangerous street and a bad neighborhood is just across the street, and Central Park Blvd is slated for non-residential in that whole area of Bill Roberts. Bill Roberts is not in the best locale for sure, but I don't see many folks complaining! This new school location is not bad at all -- get over it.