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Birthdays mean parties

Thursday, November 12, 2009 Leave a Comment

My fellow moms in the neighborhood never cease to amaze me.

I've been to two 3-year-old's birthday parties this week. The first one had 25 little guests, plus their parents. You would think that 25 children could demolish a house pretty quickly, but each room had its own activity, and those kids were amazingly well-behaved. There was a photo frame craft in the dining room, face painting in the study, and bracelet beading in the kitchen. My son came home with all three.

The next party was smaller, but no less organized. Balloon animals, face painting, and a delectably delicious cake. I have to find out where she got it, someone on Facebook, I think she said. Why on earth do I waste my money, time and caloric intake on a cheap cake when I could be eating this rich, chocolately, buttery, spun sugar concoction?

I'd been stubbornly holding to that silly rule, you should only have as many children as you child's age, which would mean my 3 year old son could only have 3 kids to his party. Well, I never actually followed it, but somehow I believed it to be true. Who says? As my friend who invited 25 kids over said, "She only turns 3 once."


  • Anonymous said:  

    I thought I recognized you at Brecks Partay. Though only thru photograph. We had to miss out on our playdate buddies to work. blah. beautiful day huh

  • Unknown said:  

    Yes, it was a gorgeous day, a great party, I got to meet a good, supportive group of moms -- every mom needs a group like that!