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Help Smith Elementary Build a School Garden

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Leave a Comment

I love the Slow Food Movement.

They are partnering with Noodles in our Town Center to build a garden for the kids at Smith Elementary, over on 36th & Jasmine.

Noodles will provide the money -- 25% of all proceeds sold this Saturday, October 10th -- for the garden and eager hands willing to do the digging, and Slow Food Denver will teach the Smith Elementary kids how important fresh foods are for their bodies and their environment. This will launch in Denver, and be replicated across the country.

And the food they grow?

The food from the gardens will be used in school lunches, as well as sold at school farmers markets (late summer/early fall) to maintain the gardens and to purchase seedlings for the following spring planting. The garden will also be incorporated in to the classroom curriculum. Noodles will continue to work with Smith throughout the year to hold cooking demonstrations to show the students ways to cook from the garden, not to mention the superior flavor of a freshly picked vegetable.

So what should you do?

Eat at the Noodles in the Town Center this Saturday, October 10, and tell them you want the proceeds from your meal to go to Smith Elementary. Simple as that.