You're out

Friday, September 11, 2009 Leave a Comment

I'm TIVOing the new season of Project Runway, which has moved from Bravo to Lifetime. It's just not the same.

Our TV is usually on Sprout, but when it's not, I try to sneak in a little Bravo: Real Housewives or Top Chef or Miami Social. But what I'm really missing are the Project Runway marathons. I have stayed in sweats all day long watching those. The real fun of Project Runway is spending your entire Wednesday watching every previous episode, for the tenth time. You catch lots of nuances you just can't absorb in just one airing.

Anyway, this season's fashions seem sort of anti-fashion (not that I'm any kind of fashion expert, with my mom JCrew and Gap and Lucy wardrobe, but I do subscribe to Vogue), sort of like the mid-90s look.

Does anybody else look back on the unfortunate mid-90s fashion with regret? Here I was, living in San Francisco, single and making money in advertising, with plenty of fabulous places to go and plenty of opportunity to wear fabulous clothes, and the fashionable thing to wear was black.

Black thick tights. Black low slung, wide legged pants to work every dang day. Black leather jackets. Black thick heeled, chunky shoes. Remember those awful things? No matter what size foot you had, those shoes made your feet loot gargantuan. Black, black, black. And then the cropped shirts. *Shiver* Dark burgundy lipstick. We all looked like goths.

And remember the banker-boy blue shirts? That electric color of blue that both men and women were wearing? How funny.