Monday, August 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

From my brother: Unintentionally disturbing children's toys.

"Ah, here we go. Eviscerate-Me Erwin seems like the type of gift you'd package along with a Cannibal Corpse record and a poster of Marilyn Monroe with the eyes cut out.

We know you're supposed to encourage your child's talents, but give them this doll to cut open and pretty soon they're moving up to frogs, cats, dogs, hookers and federal prison. Although we must admit, Erwin would make the most entertaining Show and Tell day ever."


  • Col. Hector Bravado - Denver Six Shooter said:  

    dogs>cats>hookers>federal prison sounds like a perfectly honorable career path to me. At least that's what my high school counselor told me. Or was that some guy at a bar?
    I think the CIA should roll out a doll that doesn't talk until you waterboard it.
    Maybe this is one of the reasons I'm not in charge of designing toys.
    Anyway, funny post...