Don't call the realtor yet

Monday, August 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

This weekend I found a flyer on my door: "Children First -- critical community meeting with DPS". After reading it, my first impulse was to call our realtor. Then I imagined every other family on our block doing the same thing, and that would be devastating to the value of our home, so I refrained.

According to the flyer:
- Over 75 families were turned away from ECE programming due to lack of space. Yes, we're one of them.
- By 2011, when my son will enter kindergarten, more than 165 Stapleton kids will not be able to find a seat at a neighborhood school.
- By 2015, when my other son will enter kindergarten, nearly 750 kids won't have a seat.
- Bill Roberts had to eliminate 2 middle school science labs to accommodate students.
- DURA was never asked for the funds to build the promised third K-8 school -- meaning someone dropped the ball.

While I'm not keen on pointing fingers or passing blame around, it is important to find out whether, in fact, the financing ball was dropped and if so, by whom, especially if the ball was dropped by one of our elected officials.

I'm not all that outraged that Bill Roberts didn't have room for my 3 year old. Heck, I didn't even know public schools offered preschool for 3 year olds. But when it comes time to go to kindergarten, I will assume that my kid will get in to a neighborhood school, and not have to be bussed to another neighborhood. If that's not going to happen, I want to know NOW so that I can assess my options: move to another neighborhood with a good school that will take my kid, or check out the charter schools. Private school just isn't an option for us.

How about you?

**UPDATE: 9News will be running a story today -- Monday -- at 4:00 pm about the upcoming Wednesday meeting **