DPS meeting with Stapleton about additional school space: August 5

Thursday, July 9, 2009 Leave a Comment

From my inbox:

DPS to Engage with Stapleton on School Space Issues – August 5th Meeting Planned

On August 5th (6:45 p.m.) at William Roberts School, Denver Public Schools will engage with the Stapleton community regarding the need for additional school space in the next several years. The district is aware that the school age population in Stapleton is growing quickly. DPS is working diligently to understand the demographic pressures on the existing schools within Stapleton due to this growth. Initially a third DPS School was planned to be built in Stapleton south of I-70 around the 2010 school year. Due to the economic climate, there are insufficient funds available through the Tax Increment Financing (the funding method that pays for public improvements at Stapleton) to currently cover the costs of that project as originally planned. Therefore, other potential solutions need to be developed and implemented.

DPS is taking this issue seriously and working on a number of possible scenarios to address growing enrollment with Forest City, the Stapleton Foundation and the administrations of Westerly Creek and Bill Roberts schools.