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Top 10 things I've learned from the Stapleton Moms Group

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 Leave a Comment

10. Where to get my beloved Dyson vaccuum cleaner serviced. And that I even needed to get it serviced.

9. Reasons to eat organic food: pesticides, genetically modified crops, and allergies.

8. The difference between organic milk and non-rBGH milk (both are non-rBGH, or bovine growth hormone; organic milk has to pay a lot of money to get the moniker; locally produced non-rBGH milk is just as good).

7. If you're looking for a specific kid toy, try the list before you buy new. There is always someone looking to get rid of the exact thing you want.

6. Boys really are harder to potty train than girls.

5. When it comes to doctors, dentists, pediatricians, vets, chiropractors, hairstylists, etc., stay in the hood. Ask for recommendations -- it keeps the standards of service up when people are talking about them.

4. Dogs get acupuncture, too. Really.

3. It's not preschool. It's ECE (that's "early childhood education").

2. If you want your 3 year old to get into ECE, better start researching in the fall before they turn 3; application deadlines come in January. And you better have 3 or more backups.

1. Some great date night recommendations.

Thanks, Stapleton moms.