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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

From my inbox:

1. An interesting new consulting service for parenting and education in Denver, e.Merging, is launching. The founder says: "I woke up early this morning to a rainy first day of summer break and had a sense of panic. I asked myself, "Am I prepared for the long days ahead?"  Did I sign up for enough camps or too many?  Do we have our stack of summer reading books?  Should I go to the library or splurge at Bookies? I spend a lot of time spinning on my parenting hamster wheel wondering if I am doing my best as a parent.  In my work with over 100 clients that year I have found that I am not alone.  It is the age of "intentional" parenting and we take this job of being parents seriously.  It is not like it used to be, when we were little and our parents sent us on our way to the school down the street.  Today, there are so many choices for parents to make about where to send our children to school and how we want to parent.  These choices are a blessing but they can also be confusing and intimidating."

2. A Better Education talks about all sorts of interesting stuff, from ADHD to making math interesting.