Beavers & Mosquitos

Monday, June 22, 2009 Leave a Comment

Who is in charge of Westerly Creek?

A reader wrote in to tell me that there are what appear to be beaver traps just east of Central Park, north of the bridge at MLK. I didn't know there were beavers on Westerly Creek; if there are, isn't that kind of remarkable? Are they at least live traps? What will become of the beavers?

On a not really related note, Charlie Gibson reported that the US is anticipating a mosquito plague after this cool, rainy June. Already our backyard is swarming with huge buggers. I got my husband a bug zapper for Father's Day and I must admit, sitting here listening to the sizzle of the zapper out in the backyard, I feel a giddiness knowing a few less will be feasting on my family.