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Thursday, March 12, 2009 Leave a Comment

The ECE acceptance and rejection letters from Bill Roberts and Westerly Creek.

Letters were mailed out, but Westerly Creek suffered a mixup, so the letters are incorrect. People with siblings at the elementary school are getting rejected -- which was the only preference given, the rest is pure lottery. I guess it's just a huge influx of 3-4 year olds in our neighborhood? Best bet is to call the schools to see if your kid got in.

On the waitlist? You'll have to wait to find out where your kid falls.

I still can't believe that my kid, who is not even 3 yet, is on the waitlist for preschool. I mean, this is Denver, not New York City! Did I apply to enough places? Did I do enough homework? If we just hang out on the waitlists, will we eventually get in to one of them?

So... for those of you who didn't get in, what's your fallback plan? Looks like a pretty comprehensive list of preschools and their Qualistar ratings here.