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Doing the plank pose at 40 weeks

Sunday, March 15, 2009 Leave a Comment

I am 38 weeks pregnant. Finally, the countdown has begun!

Back at week 14, after six weeks of laying on the couch with morning sickness, I started a prenatal yoga class. I remember that class vividly because our teacher had us do the plank pose -- several times -- and hold it for five breaths. I couldn't do it, but one mama who was 40 weeks was doing it and doing it strong.

There's no reason, said our teacher, that you cannot be stronger at 40 weeks pregnant than you were when you started.

So that has been my goal: to be the 40 week mama holding the plank pose. And guess what? I'm (almost) her!

I can honestly say that I have done yoga nearly every morning of this pregnancy. Never in my life have I been so dedicated to any exercise practice, and I do notice the difference.

My back doesn't hurt this time around. I remember my first pregnancy, sometimes I couldn't even catch my breath my back would hurt so much. My ankles, while experiencing some swelling in the evenings starting at week 36, are nothing like the swollen elephant ankles I had during the entire third trimester my first pregnancy. And once I got the hang of those pelvic floor strengthening exercises, the urge to pee every hour lightened up. (Sneezing and coughing are still painful and terrify me that I'm going to pee, but hey, it's better than the first time around.)

If you're pregnant and want to try Laura's prenatal yoga classes, she teaches at:

Urban Flow Yoga in the Highlands on Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings

Core Power Yoga in Stapleton just did a prenatal workshop, I'm posting this too late for you to attend it, but at least they're finally doing something for pregnant mamas!


  • Anonymous said:  

    Hey, just came across this and wanted to say it's great to read this because I have been doing yoga daily since the day I found out I am pregnant at 5 weeks...10 weeks later I seem to have had less complaints all the way around than other women I know. Plus it's nice to kick away some of the fears and doubts about pregnant women and exercise. I guess by now you've given birth. Hope it helped the birthing process for you.

  • Unknown said:  

    I believe the yoga helped not only labor & delivery, but recovery was much quicker this time around too. And my butt didn't get as huge as it did 1st pregnancy, that alone was worth the daily yoga! And I'm still doing the pelvic strengthening poses, at 5 weeks postpartum, I feel much stronger. Keep with it!

  • lynette_r said:  

    I did plank through out my pregnancy too and did not have any back pain this time around. I highly recommend it. I came across this site trying to find out when I can start them up again after the birth.

  • Unknown said:  

    I think 6 weeks postpartum is when you can resume...