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You must learn to swim. Right Now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Leave a Comment

Pregnant women and nursing moms must be one of the most susceptible groups on the planet to a good sales pitch.

Infomercials are clearly targeted to nursing moms watching TV in the middle of the night. I ordered the whole Bare Essentials makeup kit at 3 in the morning nursing my first son, along with a couple of cooking gadgets that I used once (potato slicer for scalloped potatoes!) and the perfect pushup.

This pregnancy, I've already purchased the Wen system of shampoo products, and then yesterday the Stapleton moms group was raving about Starfish Swimming School so much that I went ahead and signed my almost-3-year-old up for classes.

Yes, I am pretty close to giving birth (6 more weeks to go), so signing up for new activities should be the LAST thing I do, I just imagine my summer at the F-15 pool trying to keep my eye on my son while holding a newborn... and darnit, he must learn to swim BEFORE summer gets here. Like, right now.

So I visited their website, found myself in complete agreement with their overparenting philosophies, called them, got enrolled in a class the very next morning (they tailor their classes constantly to kids' ability levels, so they don't have a published schedule; there were only 3 kids in my son's class), and the next thing I knew....

We were in the very warm pool at their temporary location in the Tech Center (while their new pool is being built), and although he's in a group where parents are probably not welcome in the pool, what could they say to this massively pregnant women once I was already in? It felt so good to be weightless.... I tried not to hover too much over the class, or interfere... next week I'll sit with the other moms in a lawn chair, I promise.

And I won't be adding any more activities to our already too busy schedule.