Sign'o the times

Monday, February 9, 2009 Leave a Comment

Been seeing a lot more Dads taking their kids to the park recently. Friday afternoon was an impromptu FAC by the F-15 park for a few laid-off Dads, taking care of the kids while Mom's at work. Seems men are losing their jobs at a higher rate than women, who are generally paid less and hold more part-time jobs with limited benefits.

In Denver, groups are popping up all over town to help folks network and find jobs and just kvetch about the job search. If you're looking in the sales & marketing/public relations field, check out Andrew Hudson's Jobs List and the list of events going on.

I went through the great internet crash of 2000-2001 in San Francisco. The Irish Bank was a bar right in the alley under our office, and a couple of times a week it would fill up around noon with an entire office that had just been laid off. There were pink slip parties every week, with people handing out their resumes to anyone who'd take it. Our office all took 20% paycuts. Ah, those were the days.