What happened to the Stapleton Online website?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Leave a Comment

It's been gone for about a week now. It was part of the Forest City empire, I think. Perhaps they've had to lay off the website team.

"Forest City stock takes hit," via The Denver Post


  • Craig said:  

    They announced in early October that the site would be going offline at the end of the month. Below is the text of the email they sent out. It might very well have gone offline for financial reasons, they didn't give a very good reason, but it wasn't completely unexpected.

    "StapletonOnline will be going offline at the end of October and will go through a complete redesign over the next six to nine months. We understand that this will be an inconvenience for those of you who currently use StapletonOnline to exchange information on the Grapevine and to access current community information. During the redesign we encourage residents to use StapletonCommunity.com as their primary source for Stapleton information. If you are currently signed up for email alerts, those will continue. However, new residents will need to sign up through StapletonCommunity.com

    Why are we doing this? StapletonOnline was originally designed and funded by Forest City as a community connection site with the intention that it would eventually be transferred to and managed by the MCA. As with many older sites designed years ago, it lacked the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the community.

    What's next? As we look down the road, it is critical to take this time to wrap together the current functionality with the anticipated future needs of the community and roll it into a single, user-friendly site. As we go through the redesign process, we would like to include as much information as possible from the community - features you currently use in addition to features that you would really like to see incorporated into the redesigned site. These would include everything from registering for community activities like swim lessons, reserving facilities and maintaining our community database. Please send your comment in regards to any and all web issues to online@stapletoncommunity.com. "