Cabin fever

Sunday, January 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

Does it seem like it's been an awfully long holiday season? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I cannot wait to get back to our daily routines: back to Mom's morning out, and music class, and playdates.

Too much time on a two-year old's hands makes for some pretty screaming cabin fever.

Like, I spent this afternoon trolling through the huge Ziploc bags of newborn clothes in the basement closet to find all the gender neutral things (we're going to be surprised at the new baby's gender).

Remember all those onesies that had millions of snaps? Remember trying to get those lined up in the middle of the night during the twentieth diaper change of the day? Yeah, I found all of those. What I didn't find were the onesie gowns that had NO SNAPS. I loved those things. Where could I have put them? Probably set them aside in a special place so that I wouldn't lose them, and they probably went to Goodwill in one of my frenetic clutter cleanses.


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    Yippee! Mom's Morning Out starts TOMORROW. Talk about cabin fever... we spent 4 hours at art museum today... at 33 weeks pregnant, I'm freakin' exhausted!!! Guess what I'm doing while my little one is at school... yup, NAPPING!

  • EatPlayLove said:  

    I was ready for my routine to begin again as well. Thanksgiving on is so incredibly wild! BTW, I am just selling things (Crib, etc) and finding random items I thought I purged already. So I predict you'll find those gowns when your baby is a toddler!