Digital cameras

Monday, December 15, 2008 Leave a Comment

We're in the market for a new digital camera this year. Ours is now four years old and the pictures look fuzzy and the battery lasts all of nine minutes before it poops out.

So, in the face of an overwhelmingly confusing selection, I took the advice of Stapleton Moms and am sticking with Canon. For the artsy photographer, they say the Canon Rebel is the way to go. For the everyday schmoe like me, the Elph.

We received a Canon catalog in the mail, with their full line of cameras and prices. Off we went to Sam's Club, catalog in hand, to see what they had. And guess what? None of the cameras they sell were the same as the Canon catalog. The numbers were just slightly off -- they carry a model 8700, where the Canon catalog list a model 8800. The megapixels were slightly off.

I remember hearing on the radio that the Big Box stores require manufacturers to meet certain price points to be in their stores -- and so brands like Pfizer (it was a home design show) have to adjust their products for the Box stores, making models just for them. Does anyone know if this is what happens at Sams?