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Mama smorgasbord

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 Leave a Comment

You'd think it would be easy to find a prenatal yoga class in our neighborhood... but it was surprisingly difficult (maybe because I have a 2 year old and lots of classes take place at noon or 2:00 on weekdays (lunch & nap time).

And then I found Belly Bliss.

They just opened a few weeks ago in Cherry Creek, and not only do they offer a full schedule of yoga classes, but a few different styles to choose from. And your first class is free!

I'm doing the Belly Yoga, a little more invigorating than the stereotypical relaxation yoga class for moms, and let me tell you -- it feels GREAT to be moving after 6 weeks of laying on the couch with perpetual nausea.

They also have post-natal classes (Belly Booty Camp), personal trainers, classes for toddlers, childbirth education classes, doula services, massage, chiropractic... it's a mama-smorgasbord. And they sell those cool wrap slings for newborns. And they're going to have a "Meet the Doula" night for those of us intrigued but a little intimidated by it.

I had such a great experience with the doula-on-staff at Rose when I delivered there two years ago, I'm seriously considering getting my own doula/midwife for this birth. Anybody out there have a doula experience they could share?