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Hola chicas!

Friday, September 26, 2008 Leave a Comment

I'm back.

After enduring 5 long weeks of morning sickness, or in my case, 24-hour progesterone poisoning, I have just one word for you: Zofran.

It's a wonder drug. I didn't get it until week 13, because... I don't know, I had faith in acupuncture which to be fair worked quite well, instead of 24 hour nausea it was only 4 or 5 hour nausea... and yes, people mentioned it but I clearly couldn't think straight enough to take my wellbeing into my own hands. But within 10 minutes of that tangy little pill dissolving on my tongue, I whooped for joy remembering what it felt like to be a normal human being again.

So if your girlfriend is pregnant and suffering -- my girlfriends told me I was literally green for a couple of weeks there -- tell her to just get Zofran. It's expensive, my insurance only covered 12 of the precious little things, and I haven't yet had to pony up for however much they really cost, but whatever it is, they're worth it.

In my absence:

My bank spectacularly crashed, due to a run-on-the-bank. We didn't pull our money out because I am stubbornly loyal to WaMu, plus all of our bill paying is online and represents months of work that I just couldn't bring myself to attempt elsewhere. Don't worry, JP Morgan, you just made a great investment in a huge group of brand loyal folks, and you know brand loyalty is one of those priceless commodities -- just don't screw up our online banking!

Fall is a great time to plant, and City Floral has great deals right now, and their knowlegable folks will spend lots of time with you.

The Stapleton Moms Yahoo Group has devolved into a hornet's nest of political bashing, Democrats vs. the very few vocal Republicans. It's amusing and funny and sometimes intelligent and sometimes shockingly ignorant (Obama is a secret Muslim!) but I do find myself scanning through them daily.

Colorado is going to be one of the big swing states that may determine the outcome of the election. See FiveThirtyEight.com. So make sure you are registered to vote in your district! You can do it on Obama's website (but then you're on their calling list), or go straight to the Denver elections folks, they are answering phones and quite helpful. This ballot is a huge one in Denver, and that means people take a long time filling them out, and that means long lines, so do your homework and request a mail-in ballot before October 28 and mail that sucker in. The Denver election folks will be happy about it too.

So for those of you who posted wondering if this blog exists anymore, it does. I'm getting back to humanity.


  • Penny said:  

    I don't think the group has 'devolved,' except for maybe that awful post composed by the nutjob in OK. I find it most disheartening that women have declared they are "leaving" the group because they can't tolerate the arguing. C'mon, ladies. Keep your eyes open.

    And congrats on the pregnancy by the way!

  • Unknown said:  

    You're right, devolved isn't the right word. Energized is actually a more accurate term. And yes, even I had to join the fray this weekend.