Three perfect hours... to beat the heat

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Leave a Comment

We're on an endless string of 90-plus degree days -- day 16, if you're counting. Even the pool can't offer that many hours of relief.

You could go to the mountains and escape. But if you're not that ambitious, just drive to Eben G. Fine Park in Boulder.

Just up the Boulder canyon trail lies Eben G. Fine park, where you can always see kids tubing down the Boulder Creek. The park is long, shaded by huge trees, features grass, picnic tables, swings and slides and toddler-appropriate park things, and if you're lucky, a group of young-Boulder-'uns will be fencing with foam swords in their best Ren-fair attire.

Drive up Arapahoe, stop at the Whole Foods on Broadway (the very first Wild Oats store, I believe)and get some picnic food. Keep going up Arapahoe, and park where it ends.

Drop it on a picnic table, and let the kids run wild. If you head up the trail, and cross the narrow bridge and through the tunnel, you'll come to a trailhead up to a spiny rock formation, I think it's called Red Rocks.

It's steep, but not too steep, and in ten minutes you're at the top, overlooking the Boulder valley. Perfect for a kid under 5. My two-year-old was giddy that he was climbing the big mountain.

The creek isn't too high right now, so find a calm pool and let the kids wade in. I personally don't recommend tubing, I thought it was kind of scary in college, but then again, I probably went during the spring rush.

A little hike, a little dip, a little picnic, and you'll forget it's 97 degrees in Stapleton.


  • Anonymous said:  

    Hi there. I found your blog while trying to find a Denver playgroup as I have a 3 year old and 1 year old. Do you know of any? Also do you know of any soccor groups for toddlers? I found the Kickers in Golden but thats a bit too far. Thank you for any advice. I am enjoying your blog!-Katie

  • Unknown said:  

    Stapleton moms just posted about soccer: Colorado Fusion, Colorado Clash or YMCA

  • Anonymous said:  

    Liz-Thanks for the info!Katie

  • EatPlayLove said:  

    We love Eben G. Fine and you failed to mention it's a total ethnic hodge podge on the weekends. But don't go hungry their picnic food smells are divine!

    BTW..katie- try a local chapter of moms club.. the webpage is momsclub.org, we love ours!