Some advice on the economy

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Leave a Comment

Some advice on the economy, loosely adapted from one of the business magazines lying around our house.

1. Gas prices are too high! So stop driving so much. Take the bus. Plan one trip for all your errands.

2. Housing prices are dropping! You're not moving, are you? Where are you going to go? This is Denver, the front range of the Rocky Mountains, home to sunshine year round! Anyway, Stapleton's prices aren't dropping.

3. Unemployment is up! So stay in your job. Try to be happy.

4. Food prices are through the roof! So cut out the sodas and processed foods. Cut down on takeout. Cook once in a while. Try the farmer's market. You might like it.

5. The stock market is down! So don't put any more money into it. Try a little savings account. Whatever is in there, leave it. Count it as your 401K and don't touch it.

6. But even Starbucks is closing stores! There are a great many Starbucks located catty-corner from each other. We could stand a little consolidation. Besides, check out Andrew Hudson's job list this week: 50 new jobs in advertising/marketing/PR. I'd say our Denver economy is pretty good if 50 new jobs are posted in one week.

7. But the news!! Turn it off. If you were a 24 hour news channel, just think about all the "experts" you'd need to fill those 24 hours. All day. Every day. They get paid to talk. That's all it is...


  • Anonymous said:  

    Yey, love! Thanks for posting this. I have no issues whatsoever with food or gas prices. they should cost more! All the subsidies have karma comin'. No one bats an eyelash at a $4 cup of starschmucks but heaven forbid spending it on fossil fuel. I'm excited people are reducing, looking into better car and homes, it's so exciting! Theyre working from home and taking the train! Every other country does and we're supposed to be civilized. We're spoiled thats what we are. Darn target to heck;-) Has me by the boo boo too.