Gonna be baking

Friday, July 18, 2008 Leave a Comment

Now that the weekend is approaching, and the forecast is in the 90s all weekend, we're wondering why we thought a music festival at the Dick's sporting park would be a good idea... no trees, no shade, no relief, no re-entry.

So if you wanted to go see the Railbenderes at 12:15 tomorrow, you have to stay for the next 12 hours. When I was 22, that would have been cool, but these days, I'm pretty sure I'd collapse from exhaustion if I did that.

Here's some things you can bring:
- A "Carpool" sign to get special parking
- Foldable chairs -- yes, must bring those
- One 1-liter bottle of water, factory sealed. Alcohol is for sale inside, so bring plenty o'cash
- Sunblock and hats
- Walkie-talkies


  • EatPlayLove said:  

    I'm going on Sunday, my hubby scored us some free tickets (so I am taking a friend). I wish I could do the all day thing, but I think I'm going late afternoon. Isn't it weird to not be 20 anymore?
    Great list. Chairs a must, hmm. Have fun, I really wanted to see Michael Franti tomorrow, sob, sob!

  • CewTwo said:  

    Wow... No way for me. Entirely to social an event. I did run the Colorado Colfax Half, it is true, but although there were (seemingly) thousands there, I ran by myself!

    I have a friend that wore brand new shoes to the event and is still limping around the office!

    I do hope that you had fun though!