Open letter to the candidates

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 Leave a Comment

Dear Candidates,

Tonight was really something else. I can't remember an election that I cared more about, or felt as strongly about.

And yet, I like each and every one of you.

Hillary, for the first time, I thought we really connected. I didn't realize you weren't conceding until I watched CNN's criticism. I thought your congrats to Obama was sincere, and while your speech was kind of all about you, I didn't mind so much tonight. After all, it's not every day the first woman candidate in history for the POTUS loses such a close race. I even cried a little bit. You asked all 18 million people who voted for you to write in, tell you what we think you should do. OK, I didn't vote for you, I wasn't a registered Democrat here in Colorado in time (registered independent, didn't know it would matter until it was too late), and I probably wouldn't have voted for you, but here's what I think: don't push for the VP job. I know Cheney made it seem like an important job, but that's because it was George Bush in the President's seat. It's really not an important job. You should push for a Cabinet position. Secretary of State, girl, Think big. And seeing Bill so darn proud of you, it was really touching.

John McCain, your oratory abilities aren't the greatest, but who cares. You've been around the block, you know what you're talking about. If you're really serious about change, and you really want to prove you're different from Bush, tell us who your Cabinet will be BEFORE the election. Let us know if we're voting the Neo-Cons back into office before November. Now that would be change.

And Barack... really, even Fox News couldn't say anything bad about you tonight, and Karl Rove tried really hard (An army of teachers? Since when does the federal government hire teachers?). You're the man. You make us proud to be Americans. Even my two-year old applauded during your speech, in between ramming his matchbox cars into the coffee table.

A true fan


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    very well written!