Life is not fully lived unless it's documented and captured on film

Sunday, June 29, 2008 Leave a Comment

Last night I was at a neighborhood barbecue and realized one of the guests was the guy who had his picture posted on the Grapevine for having his dog off-leash.

As they told the story, I opened my mouth to tell how I had defended him here. But then they began to make fun of bloggers -- deservedly so: "Oh, it's such a gorgeous day outside, I must take my high-pixel camera and take 100 or so pictures of this day, then go upload them and blog about it RIGHT NOW."

The other day we were on the Pearl Street Mall playing in the fountain, and I was busy trying to capture it on film. I uploaded the pix yesterday, and the kids were so cute, and I thought, wow, I missed all this being so busy with the stupid camera.

It's like life isn't fully lived unless it's documented and captured on film.

Have you been to a concert lately? Instead of lighters, people are holding up the LCD lights of hundreds of cell phones... filming the concert.

Mile High Mamas has a pretty funny post about the conversations our kids might have about their childhoods being documented for all the public to read about...


  • CewTwo said:  

    I think its funny. I have a live version of the BareNaked Ladies performing the song "If I Had A Million Dollars" live.

    In it, they tell the audience how impressed they are with the cameras! They tell 'em to post 'em on YouTube or MySpace. They asked them to send an e-mail notifying them of the picture.

    Then they remind them of how low resolution a cell phone's camera is.

    Its a funny bit and a roar to listen to.