Watch out on Quebec

Thursday, May 22, 2008 Leave a Comment

Via The Denver Post:

Yellow lights at Quebec Street and East 36th Avenue will soon take on a deeper shade of caution: Run a red light and get fined.

A red-light camera that was being installed at the intersection Wednesday is expected to go on line soon.

"This is the first installation in a year-long pilot program," said Bill Vidal, Denver's manager of public works, at a news conference at the intersection.

Denver also plans to install cameras at three other intersections: East Sixth Avenue and Lincoln Street; West Eighth Avenue and Speer Boulevard; and West Sixth Avenue and Kalamath Street.

Drivers caught on camera will receive traffic tickets in the mail. During the cameras' first 30 days of operation, however, violators will receive only
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The camera on northbound Quebec Street will be the first one to go on line.

The city will post a schedule on its website,, announcing when the cameras will be activated and when tickets will start.

Some drivers at the Quebec intersection need to take notice: During the 20-minute news conference, a van and a four-door sedan drove through red lights.


  • Penny said:  

    Those freaking lights along quebec need to be better timed before the police start slapping people on the wrist. I don't support people running the red lights; in fact, I almost got tagged once because of it; but the reason WHY people run the 36th light there is because it is WAY TOO LONG and its frustrating to see the next set of lights, just a few feet away, stay green for so long afterwords.