Pools open May 24

Thursday, May 22, 2008 Leave a Comment

Straight from the Stapleton Online front page: Pools open May 24.

That's Saturday!

The new pool (anyone know what it's called?) is full and gorgeous and mouth-wateringly refreshing looking, and we go to the new park (you can just call it "Jack's new park" like my son does) 3 times a day. So if you stop by, look for us. We usually have our black lab Maggie running around and I know, I know, someone is going to complain, I've already gotten some dirty looks, but all the neighbors bring their dogs, and she's a really, really good dog, and.... yeah, yeah, I know. There are leash laws and once the pool opens we won't be able to do it anymore but let her live it up for the week.

OK, and I just found swim lessons here.

And finally, a public service announcement, lifted from the confusing Stapleton Online grapevine, so I thought I'd post it here.

Via Ray:

One of the construction gurus at the new pool told me that DUE TO COST, there will be no coverings for shade (like at PuddleJumper Pool). When I complained that small infants and children would "fry" without shade and food would quickly spoil because of no shade over tables, I was told that until "neighbood input" was obtained, nothing would be done. I took this to mean until complaints...and many complaints...were forthcoming, nothing would happen. I don't know whom to contact...Forest City?, MCA?, Recreation Dept. of Denver, etc., so I'm hoping someone does and gets the word out to everyone who is planning on using the new pool.