How to get a penny out of your laptop's CD slot

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 Leave a Comment

I am one of those tech support calls.

It went something like this:

Apple: Apple Tech Support, how can I help you?

Me: My 2 year old just shoved a penny into my CD slot.

Apple: No problem. I can get you an appointment at the Apple Store nearest you, they can get it out.

Me: Thank God. I'm 4 days away from a huge race, I need my Mac, why didn't I back everything up?

Apple: The first appointment is at 8:20.

Me: They're open this early?

Apple: P.M.

Me: 8:20 P.M.? Oh no, no I can't wait that long, I'm freaking out, I have so much to do today...

Apple: Let me see if I can walk you through this. Is your Mac shut down?

Me: Yes.

Apple: Good. Take it and turn it sidways so the CD slot faces down. Shake it.

Me: OK. I hear it clanking around.

Apple: Can you see it?

Me: No.

Apple: Do you have some tweezers? Try to see if you can grab the penny, it should be against the slot if you're holding it upside down.

Me: (holding Mac with one hand, shaking and tweezing) OHMYGOD -- I got it! I got it out! Thankyouthankyouthankyou...

Apple: My pleasure.

Me: Obviously this is not an uncommon problem.

Apple: We've seen it before, yes.


  • CewTwo said:  

    Now, how cute is that story?

    That is really funny!

    Yes, I am still planning to run sunday morning in the Half! 6:00 AM is so early for an old codger like me!