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Friday, May 30, 2008 Leave a Comment

I'm starting to think our new pool is named F-15 because it's located in the windiest spot on earth. I got home from our first afternoon at the pool (fabulous, by the way) a wild, bedraggled and exhausted mess, utterly dehydrated not from the pool but from the relentless wind.

This photo is NOT of the pool, but of the massive tornado that hit Windsor last week. Windsor, by the way, is just as far east as we are. Straight up Highway 85. One of my neighbors, newly transplanted from LA, asked if people around here buy tornado insurance. I have no idea. This building in the photo is the State Farm office in Windsor.

But back to the pool.

F-15 is closed today and possibly for several more days. There was a report of broken glass in the pool, which cut a little girl's foot, which means they will have to DRAIN the pool to get it out, then refill it. How long does it take for that sucker to heat back up? Some moms at the park were noting that their kids feet are always cut up after the first few days in any pool, and speculating that some newbie-mom might have mistaken the concrete cuts for glass...

After swimming, guest blogger Maria served me her adaptation of my Uncle Bill's famous Yellowstone Sunset, which he served her at his log-cabin in West Yellowstone on her wild-west-adventure vacation:

- 2 jiggers vodka
- 1 jigger peach schnapps
- Cran-Raspberry juice

Uncle Bill advises making sure it's 100% juice, not the 15% juice and the rest high fructose corn syrup crap, and if your grocery store doesn't carry it, ask them to. Ocean Spray makes the 100% juice version.

So to end this rambling post, F-15 needs a better name.

How about:
- Tenderfoot Lagoon
- Windy Alley Pool
- Edge-o'the Plains Pool
- Easterly Pool (heh-heh)


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    love, love, love the yellowstone sunset, or as i have renamed it, the stapleton sunset. my husband asked, "why not call it the stapleton sunrise?" since i'm not inclined to drinking in the morning, i'm stealing uncle bill's recipe & name sans "yellowstone." actually, i'm having one RIGHT NOW!

  • Mel said:  

    I thought at first that F-15 was still the nickname, like "Filing 15". I think they could do better.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Very Funny Post!

    I want to hear your perspective on the current discussion on the grapevine (Off Leash Dogs).

  • CewTwo said:  

    Windy Waters?
    First Glass?

    Funny Post. My company cleans the Windsor building. I thought it was funny to see it on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Unknown said:  

    Idasan -- ouch, the public flogging... quite disturbing over at the Grapevine. We're a small community, have to be careful about the attacks, and pictures???!! I took my dog straight to the pool/pond this morning and let her run free with 4 other dogs. It was great. The only kid there was mine, and he didn't mind the dogs being off-leash.

  • Unknown said:  

    Ha, my stapletonian friends were speculating that the pool wasn't ready and the broken class was ploy for more time. ;)

  • Anonymous said:  

    Okay, I gotta vote for Tenderfoot Lagoon! Too funny. I found your blog through the mombloggersclub and I'll definitely be back!

    That is one scary-looking tornado!