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Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Leave a Comment

Via my cute & fashionable friend, Missy:

"Just wanted to pass along some info on a great new
jeans store in Cherry Creek. It's called The Blues Jean Bar,
they are located on 1st and Fillmore.

It's a cool concept. You go up to the bar and tell them what kind
of jean and fit you're looking for and they serve you
an arm full of jeans , just like ordering a drink.
They have tons of brands and some that I had never
heard of. Another cool thing, you can have after
hours parties there. They will have it catered or you
can bring in your own. How great is that!? You can
party with your friends and try on jeans getting their


  • Anonymous said:  

    And everybody's got to one-up with an even better jeans store.