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Moms, let's give back

Thursday, April 10, 2008 Leave a Comment

You know, I always see people giving away free formula or baby food on the Stapleton Moms Yahoo Group, and it got me thinking.

We're a pretty privileged group here in Stapleton, and yet we live in a city where a lot of people need help just to feed their families.

I visited MetroCareRing last week. They're a food pantry that helps Denver and Aurora families with basic needs like food, transportation, and utilities.

Last year, they served 30,000 people. More than half of them were children.

Picture the Pepsi Center filled to capacity, and you get the idea.

They're a charity partner for the Colfax Marathon. Why don't we Stapleton moms hold a drive and donate non-perishable items like:

baby soap
diaper rash cream
jars of baby food
baby biscuits

I'll be collecting items from now until the race on May 18th.

I have a donation bin at Simon Says Read in the Stapleton Town Center, or you can donate here.

Email me if you're interested in donating at liz.easterly at gmail dot com.


  • Unknown said:  

    Thanks, Kris, for the diapers and wipes!

  • Unknown said:  

    Thanks, Lowry moms who drove over here with supplies!

  • Unknown said:  

    Thanks, Dave, DeeDee and Heather, for your donations to my Active.com page!

  • Mama said:  

    Hi - Looking for a babysitter for two children 3 yrs and 7 months. One morning a week. If anyone has any good resources please let me know.