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Having it all, all at once

Saturday, April 26, 2008 Leave a Comment

Pick up the May issue of 5280. My writing teacher, Shari Caudron, has a great article on mommy groups -- specifically, the Highland mommy group. That was my old 'hood, pre-Stapleton.

She makes an interesting observation: most of the moms are educated, career women who approach child-rearing with the same strategies that they (we) used in their careers. Milestones and goals are set so that we can check off successes.

Isn't that true!

One of the things I am always amazed at is the sheer creativity that moms in this neighborhood have at mixing motherhood with careers. The options for daycare seem limitless, from nanny shares to daycares to flex-time to working from home. Part-time is a reality for many moms, and I see a lot of moms who seem pretty happy with their lot. Even if they're stay-at-home moms who "set aside" their career, there's some security in the knowledge that it's just for now, or maybe the career they left was just another in a long line of stepping stones, and the next stepping stone is just ahead.

One of the moms said in the article, "We were always told that women could have it all. They forgot to tell us you can't have it all at once."

Do you agree with that?