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GUEST BLOG: Running Mates

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Leave a Comment

I’m in it to win it.

Ok, maybe not “win,” just finish. The goal: Complete the Cherry Creek Sneak.

I know it’s not the Colfax Marathon, but a girl has to start somewhere.

And I’m not the only one. Close to 40, yes FORTY, of my fellow neighbors and moms climbed aboard and showed up to our first Stroller Strides session (sans Strollers – this group is just for us ladies).

It was cold but not one person was absent. Everyone decked out in their running gear, best brand new tennies, gloves, scarves, maybe some long johns… but I digress.

It looked like we were on a movie set as a fog dropped down on Central Park. We took off jogging around the snow covered purple mountains -- I think it was the only time I have never seen a child in Central Park.

For 20 minutes we ran and walked chatting with our new comrades. 90 seconds of walking, 60 seconds of running. And I’ll tell you what, a minute never seemed so long. But we got through it -- all 38 of us.

With flushed cheeks and smiles on our faces, we did our final stretches psyched to be part of this new group… psyched to get our little goodie bag packed with tennis shoe coupons and tchotchkes from Sephora and Luna Bar… psyched to have an hour away from the kiddos… psyched to have taken the first step towards our goal.

Forget Hillary and Obama… I’ve found my running mate(s).

~~~ Guest Blogger: Maria ~~~

Maria grew up in Kentucky. She moved to Colorado from Atlanta not quite a year ago, where she was a producer for CNN and ABC (she used to share cigarettes with a very famous journalist, but I'll let her tell you about that). She's mom to a beautiful two-year old daughter, and host of many great neighborhood functions. She's in the Stroller Strides Running Group too, and she's our very first guest blogger!


  • Anonymous said:  

    Happy training to you all, sounds like a fun race.