Assembly dinners

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Leave a Comment

Sometimes those dreamy dinners just don't work out.

From personal experience, you just have to stick with the tried & true. Like anything Italian (stuffed shells, baked ziti, etc) or any big hunk of meat marinated in the simpler things. Honey mustard and honey is one I'd steer clear of.

There's a new competitor in that space, called Cena, which means "supper" in Spanish. They're all about healthy Mediterranean recipes.


  • Penny said:  

    THank you so much for posting that Cena link. I've been looking for a made-to-order sort of place, because 2 full time working parents means dinnertime suffers.

    Thank you!

  • Unknown said:  

    They also have a wine shop. You can bring in a few of your friends and drink wine while you all make dinners. If you arrange it, you get a discount on your dinners.

    Oh, and make the big portions of everything.