Mama needs a new party dress

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Leave a Comment

Hey, Lilaguide -- I have an idea for you.

You know how you have forums and message boards and all kinds of topics about where to buy baby stuff? You know, strollers/car seats/toilet training/preschools/etc?

You need to add one for the most important stuff.

Like where a Mom can buy a decent fitting pair of jeans that will still look hip while covering the post-baby pooch and reining in the expanding hiney.

Or where to buy a nice, classy, not too revealing, stylish dress that won't make you look like a schlumpy dumpy sack of flour.

Mama needs a new party dress, and because life is so in-the-moment, and toddlers aren't conducive to shopping, and I haven't even worn a dress in ages, I have no clue where to go. (I just know it ain't Ann Taylor.)

I also don't have the luxury to shop leisurely. This is a commando mission. I need to set up a sitter, and I'll have 3 hours max to find a dress.

And if you can give me that info before Saturday night, that would be swell.


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    no doubt! i went to buy jeans on saturday and let's just say i ended up shopping for my toddler instead... it was too depressing... some guidance would be AWESOME.

  • kegf said:  

    and don't forget shopping for bras! As my aunt pointed out when I lamented that none of my bras fit after pregnancy and nursing: It's not like you can rush out of the dressing room when your son crawls under the wall with the neighboor while you're trying on bras!