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Chemicals in baby products

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 Leave a Comment

Really, common sense should tell us that slathering our babies up with a ton of fragrant soaps and lotions can't be good, but now a new study is scaring the crap out of moms everywhere.

Babies in America are subjected to an average of 27 personal care products ingredients a day -- some of which are linked to allergies and other health problems.

Here's a Guide to kids' products put together by The Environmental Working Group. to help you choose safer products for your kids. Good news: baby wipes are pretty safe, just get them unscented. Johnson & Johnson's original baby shampoo is in an OK category (not the best one, but the best of the commercial brands).

Here's a guide to cosmetics Check out what's in your beauty products, as well as baby's.


  • holly said:  

    you know, i've felt odd for years for not putting fancy-dancy lotions and stuff on my kids. NOW i can go YAY ME!!!

    nice one. simple is the best way.